Published: Oct. 22, 2021, 11:12 a.m.
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Top factory offer Tetracaine hydrochloride CAS 136 47 0 with low price and high quality8619930507977

Location: Davao Occidental, Jose Abad Santos (Trinidad)

₱10.00 negotiable

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盐酸丁卡因 CAS 136-47-0

Tetracaine hydrochloride CAS 136-47-0



邮箱:[email protected]




N-甲基甲酰胺 cas 123-39-7 NMF

Valerophenone 1-Phenyl-1-pentanone CAS 1009-14-9

4-甲基苯丙酮 / P-甲基苯丙酮 CAS 5337-93-9

乙基甲酰胺 CAS 627-45-2 NEF

乙酰氯 CAS 75-36-5  

N,N-二甲基甲酰胺 CAS 68-12-2

AIBN CAS : 78-67-1  


苯甲醇 CAS 100-51-6

巯基乙酸甲酯 2365-48-2

甲酰胺 CAS 75-12-7

偶氮碳酰胺 CAS 123-77-3

乙酰丙酮 CAS 123-54-6

2'-羟基苯乙酮/2-HAP CAS 118-93-4

4-氯苯丙酮 CAS 6285-05-8

4'-乙基苯丙酮 CAS 27465-51-6

甲氧基苯丙酮 CAS 121-97-1 

4'-羟基苯丙酮 CAS 70-70-2 

4'-乙基苯丙酮 CAS 27465-51-6

苯甲醚 CAS 100-66-3

己苯酮 CAS 942-92-7


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