Last modified: Apr 15, 2019



This policy seeks to maintain a positive experience for all of our users by helping you to understand what types of content and uses of our business link platform are acceptable. If we become aware of content that falls outside the bounds of what is acceptable under this policy, we may remove it. We also take steps to prevent uses of our services that are contrary to the core of this policy.

We occasionally modify these policies, so please check back here for any updates. Below are the policies listed for your reference and guidance before you publish your post.

1. Illegal and Criminal Activities

Please don’t use our business links platform to engage in illegal activities or promote anything that is dangerous, can harm other users. We may also remove business links content that violates laws of the land of any territories.

2. Child Exploitation

Do not create business link content that exploits or abuses children of any sort of sexual abuses imagery even cartoon animations or images and all content that represents children in a sexual manner. We will remove such content and report to appropriate authorities. Also, we will disable your account immediately.

3. Hate Speech

Our business link platform is for free expressions and opinions of the contributors, but we don’t support content that promotes or condones violence against innocent civilians or groups or any human beings that living peacefully and we fully support love, joy, peace, and stability each one of us. Instead, it will get you sick when you hate someone as you need to feed them like a monkey in your back every day. We will remove all of your contents and block you from entering the site if you do Hate Speech.

4. Spam

As you may know, we treat our users with respect and please don’t spam other users as we may decide to remove all of your contents and barred you from entering the site using your account.

5. Bullying, Harassment, and Threatening Other Users

We are all equal here and please don’t do this kind of acts or engaging such, and don’t encourage other users to do it for you and automatically we will remove all of your contents and block you from entering the site.

6. Phishing and Security

Do not engage in this kind of act as we strive to protect the security of all our community users and we will remove any of your business link contributions within our community and barred you from entering our site.

7. Pornography and Offensive Digital Materials

At all cost, don’t ever try to cross in your mind to publish such things in our service as we will not tolerate these materials to exist nor publish in our platform as we are all engaging in doing good business here only, nothing more nothing less. You will be automatically blocked and remove all your business links contained in our platform.

If you find any violators within our users or doing anything closely related matters, please don’t hesitate to contact us immediately and we will take necessary actions as soon as possible.

Thank you for reading carefully our content policy, all the rest you can enjoy the free service that we aim to help your business for your growth especially the startups, small to medium size businesses around the globe.