Published: June 29, 2022, 6:39 p.m.
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Buy Begode Nikola Plus


Buy Begode Nikola Plus

Buy Begode Nikola Plus. (LG N50T 21700cels) Ultimate EUC player, Imperator of city EUC. Comfort, control, quality, dynamics, speed, power, – just best of all 16” wheels.

Top Speed over 60km/h, Range more then 100km(70kg rider at 20-25km/h),

Begode Nikola Plus 100v – perfect quality, look, price, preformance. Best rate in market.

If you looking for universal Sport city SUV, click the order button

Black Board Edition, 2 charging ports.

Dimensions (H x L x W):590mm x 490mm x 250mm

Color:Color: Gloss Black


Motor:100V 1900W

Batterie:1800Wh (LG N50T 21700cels)

Max speed:65Km/h

Max motor spin speed:82km/h


Range (depends on rider weight, cruising speed, weather conditions, road conditions):70-120km


Low voltage:81.6V

Charging port:Charging port: 5 pins 3A stock.,


Pedal height:150mm

Pedal size:125x230mm

Bluetooth speakers:Yes



This is new and improved version of the Gotway Nikola 1800WH 100V. There was serious demand for 2100Wh version of Nikola among our customers, but unfortunately it was only 84V, so power reserve was limited. So clients that chose GW Nikola had to choose between power (100v) and bigger range (2100wh 84v). And reports were that the range on the 2100wh is not that much bigger. But at last we have 100v with significant battery boost – 2700wh! Thisis doomed to become very popular wheel among the community. The rest of the charachteristics didn’t change:

When creating Gotway Nikola, the company decided to pay special attention to the appearance of the electric unicycle, since before that the models of this company were not famous for their beauty. In addition to the look of the shapes and high-quality plastic, the wheel especially strikes with its lighting elements – probably one of the most beautiful circular lights that are found on EUC’s are installed here. It shimmers in different colors while driving, the controller glows blue, and instead of the rear brake light the Gotway company logo is installed, which is lit in red. If you happen to drive through the city at night on the Gotway Nikola electric unicycle, you will definitely not go unnoticed.

?????????? GotWay Nikola Plus 2100Wh 84V Black  ?????? ? ?????? All the necessary features in this wheel are included by the manufacturer – a lift sensor, Bluetooth speakers, a folding handle, a good headlight – everything is as it should be in a good unicycle. Of the ergonomic features, we would like to draw your attention to the wide carrying handle – it is quite convenient to lift the wheel into the trunk or a small ladder, but if you plan to handle it longer, we recommend that you drive up and see it on the spot before buying, since it may not be convenient for everyone.


?????????? GotWay Nikola Plus 2100Wh 84V




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