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About JRS Express

What is JRS Express?

JRS Express is a leading express-delivery company in the Philippines. Besides express-delivery service, we also provide value-added logistic services to our customers through our nationwide network of 400 branches. 

Over the course of six decades, we have established ourselves as one of the largest express delivery service providers in the country.


1960: The JRS Business Corporation was acquired by Jaime L. Claparols

and registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission.

1961: The 4th congress of the Philippines granted JRS a congressional franchise to operate messengerial and express delivery services for a 50-year period through Republic act No. 3260. JRS acquired its first C-45 plane.

1971: JRS expanded its services include air freight forwarding.

1973: JRS was granted an authority to operate private express and messengerial delivery by the postmaster general of the Philippines after the congressional franchise was removed.

1975: JRS Expanded into 130 branches. It’s founder, Dr. Jaime L. Claparols passed away the same year.

1982: The Civil Aeronautics Board authorized JRS to engage in international air

freight forwarding.

1983: JRS Business Corporation officially adopted the trade name “JRS Express”

to emphasize its capacity to express next-day mail and deliveries.

1992: The Republic Act No. 7354 approved the postal office under the DOTC and vested the regulatory authority of postal delivery services industry or those engaged in domestic postal commerce, as provided for P.D. 240 to the DOTC.

1993: JRS opened JRS Business Centers to handle business services such as office

printing, photocopying, computer services, etc.

1995-2000: Consumer Union of the Philippines (CUP) awarded the hall of fame award to JRS Express in 1995, 1996, 1998, 1999, 2000.

2003: JRS Express opened its 240th branch.

2008: JRS Business Center inaugurated its 10th branch.

2009: JRS improved its webpage ( and created its Facebook page (JRS Express).

2010: JRS celebrated its 50th year servicing the Filipino people and renewed its corporate life for another 50 years.

2012: JRS Express opened its 300th branch.

2013: JRS Express was among the first to respond with relief goods to victims of Typhoon Haiyan (Yolanda).

2014: JRS website allows clients to track packages, find services and scope of delivery online. JRS enlisted a team to respond to client inquiries 24/7/365.

2015: JRS Express opened its 350th branch.

2016: JRS Business center rebrands into JRS Office+.

2018: JRS Express opened its 400th branch. JRS Office+ also opens its 14th branch in Imus Cavite.

2019: JRS Express’ Facebook page reached more than 500,000 likes. JRS Express introduced its free pickup service for metro cities.

2020: JRS Express celebrates 60 years of service. It currently has 440 branches nationwide, all open 24/7, 365 days per year including holidays. JRS Express revamps and launches their new website. JRS also partners with GCash, Alipay in its move in going cashless.


To be among the leading courier and logistics companies of the world.


To provide world-class courier services, logistics and supply-chain solutions to all and to foster nation-building.


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