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Ronald Pornobi

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About Ronald Pornobi

I am a DOLE Accredited Occupational Safety and Health Practitioner (since year 2006) with DOLE OSHP Accreditation No. 1033-211210-C-524. I am a regular and professional resource speaker for DOLE Prescribed Safety Training Courses such as BOSH, COSH, LCM, SPA, TOT, HIRAC, safety trainings. These are conducted public run via Zoom. 

IOSH Training Services and Construction Safety facilitate BOSH COSH LCM SPA TOT HIRAC SO1 DOLE Prescribed Safety Officer Trainings - Online via Zoom due to Covid19.

God bless and thank you. Keep safe and stay safe.

Ronald Pornobi
General Manager
Smart 0918 946 4623

Edward John Aquino
Training Coordinator
Globe 0956 687 2110 
Landline  02-89392728
Viber  0917 312 6720

Email  [email protected]


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