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Crovell (Hebei) Co., Ltd is Located in Shijiazhuang, Hebei Province. Crovell is specialized in APIs, Antiseptic fungicide, Daily chemicals and Dye intermediate. Crovell also supply various industrial chemicals for customers. After ten years development ,Crovell has become a Diversified development company, not only involves in chemicals, but also real estate ,clothes ,agricultural products and so on.So far, Crovell has business in more than 50 countries, most big customers come from Europe and America, because among thesuppliers in china, Crovell can always make the product quality best, some of the products from Crovell can reach the purity of 99.9+. This is the important reason for customers who choosing Crovell.In the future, Crovell must become a more important trade bridge for china and foreign countries especially in pharmaceuticalindustries.


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